The Genesis Discography

Covering the years: 1967-1996 - "The scattered pages of a book by the sea..."

Edited by Scott McMahan, compiled by a cast of thousands who volunteered information.

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This document has been continuously available on the Internet since 1993. Please look for official downloads from editor Scott McMahan, since many old versions still abound. It has never been converted to plain HTML.

What is The Genesis Discography?

It is the Genesis fan's companion, a compendium of information about the band and its releases. Some of the stuff you'll find includes:

  • Information on band members and other personalities
  • Albums and singles and other releases by the band
  • Solo albums and singles and other releases by all current, former, and other band members and almost members
  • Bootlegs, radio shows, and other unofficial releases
  • A complete Brand X discography
  • A brief history of Genesis
  • Explanation of Elements in Songs (literary, historical, mythological, British references in songs are explained)
  • The Annotated Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (what is the Lamb about, anyway?)
  • Tour Dates, Set Lists, And Gear (what they played, when, and using what instruments)

Late Addenda:

To all inquirers who ask the most frequently asked question: I have no idea about the release date of Wind and Wuthering; I've never been able to get the straight story on it.

February, 2003: I was able to find out the true story of "The Ghost of Mayfield Lodge" directly from Percy Jones, in his own words:

Mayfield Lodge does exist, it's located in Shortlands in Kent, I lived there from about 1972 to 1977. It was originally a coach house for an estate that at some point was converted into a Flat (apartment). There were 3 of us living there, two of us were bass players and the other guy was a tech who worked for the Ministry of Defense, after a while we all started to hear strange things, though no-one actually saw anything (Thank goodness) .

We later found out that a stable boy had hung himself in what used to be a hay loft, which had subsequently been converted into a bathroom. We assumed that the strange "goings on" were connected to him.

Similarly, I once asked John Goodsall through the Brand X manager (at the time) about the lyrics to "Act of Will". There were never any written lyrics, and Goodsall did not remember what he had sung. I expect they were demo lyrics that got into the final version much like The Police's "Masako Tanga".