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WORLD WAR II - On The Map: The 87th In Action

The information on this page is drawn from the research of B. D.'s son, Lt. Col. Eugene McKay, US Army, Ret.

The Map - December 21-30, 1944 - January 2-13, 1945 - January 15-16, 1945 - January 27, 1945 - February 2, 1945

The Map

The very, very, very large map in its entirety. There is no thumbnail, because the map is so large (to be able to read it) and the movements plotted over such a wide area that a workable thumbnail is not possible.

Detail: December 21-30, 1944

Detail: January 2-13, 1945

Detail: January 15-16, 1945

Detail: January 27, 1945

Detail: February 2, 1945



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