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WORLD WAR II - Sketches And Doodles From Camp

During the time when B. D. was drafted, and before he shipped out to Europe, he wrote home frequently. Most of these letters are highly personal to his wife and children, but among the words he wrote he included many sketches of life.

These black-and-white sketches are the earliest artwork and cartoons that B. D. drew which are extant. Unfortunately, these are extremely small and mostly done in faint pencil, making reproduction difficult.

Tanks To You
A Soldier's Thoughts
An undated, untitled look at an infantryman's daydreams.
Somehow, no matter how modern technology progresses, the infantryman must lug around 60 pounds of gear. This may be a universal constant, like light speed.
For Gene!
KP duty and the mechanized cavalry.
Obstacle Course
P-51 Mustang
P-47 Thunderbolt
Russian Type Truck
Three Aircraft
Everywhere Is Up!
Squad Room
Life As A Soldier
"Bones Dept": Dice are called "bones", hence "for crap shooting".
Marine Barracks
Life As A Marine
To Coin A Phrase
Sketch Of The Marine Logo

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