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Business Cards

B. D. saved, in a scrapbook, all of the business cards he had. This helps reconstruct where he worked and during which years.

  1. Long's Distributing Company: 1956 (5-1/2 years service).
  2. (no card): Postal Clerk, 1961-1965
  3. International Harvester: 1965-1969.
  4. Matthews Ford: 1969-1971.
  5. Long's Distributing Co.: 1971-1973.
  6. Garret-Easler Ford: 1974-(?).

I am unclear about when B. D. worked for Blythe Television in Hendersonville. He was eligible for retirement at age 65, which would be in 1981, but I believe he may have taken early retirement.

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