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B. D. McKay's life spans black-and-white photography to color. These are some photographs of him.

B. D. kept two pages of his Business Cards in his scrapbook. This helps reconstruct the chronology of where he worked and when.

Before The War

BD On A Horse
Undated picture with "6 Graham" and an illegible scrawl on the back. I can only guess this is an address, although I can't imagine why anyone would record the address and not anything else. We believe this to be the earliest picture of B. D. Elsewhere, B. D. did say that McCall St. on which he lived in Charlotte had once been called Graham St.
BD in Sept 1920
At 4 years and 7 months of age. Larger version. Another copy, this one labeled Oct 1920.
BD With A Horse
Larger version of B. D. with horse and buggy
BD The Musician
Larger version of The Pine Needle Serenaders: B. D.'s band, February, 1934; picture includes Ronald Moore who is mentioned in B. D.'s memories of Charlotte.
BD On His Bike

Larger copy of B. D. on his Hawthorne Flyer, March, 1928

BD In Flight Suit
This picture is of BD when he was 20 years old, dated January 1, 1936.
Young BD
Dated May, 1939
BD Leaning on Hood
Undated. Likely the same as the next picture. Larger version of B. D. posing on a car in the 1930s.
BD Leaning on Trunk
Dated September 7, 1941
BD In Uniform
Stamped August, 1954 on the back. Another copy of the same picture exists.
BD Before Reporting
This picture is labeled on the back "left for camp Feb 4" and is dated Monday, January 10, 1944 (BD age 27). This must be right before BD reported to the army for World War II.
BD (r) and ... ?
The unidentified man in this picture is almost certainly Thomas Frank Baker. Aviator's wings are visible on the uniform.
August, 1942
Undated Photo

World War II

Smoking A Cigarette In Uniform

In Uniform, 1943

The 1940s

Electronics repair workbench in Pageland, South Carolina, 1949.

The 1950s

The back just says "Bk picnic", undated, likely the 1950s.

BD With His Airplane
  • Upper picture: B.D with airplane, Summer 1958, at Emma Airpark, Asheville, NC
  • Lower picture: B.D. with Piper, June, 1959, Hendersonville. (Note that Meyer Flying Service is an older name of the Allen Airport I reference in my writing and photos of Hendersonville.)

The 1960s

Sunday, June 8, 1969: Associate At Matthew's Ford. (Clipping from the Asheville Citizen-Times.)

The 1970s

Royal Arcanum Award: Undated, but the photo was developed in May, 1977. Back says "Royal Arcanum Award". The other man in the photo is not identified.

McKay promoted manager of Long's (undated and unattributed clipping)

BD In The 1970s
Dated 1974. The photo was taken at the McMahan residence on Beverly Road.

The 1980s

The house in Hendersonville: From the end of the field in back, looking towards the back of the house.

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