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As an adjunct to this web site, I have also prepared a family tree. Properly, this should be the:


The data for this tree comes from three main sources:

  1. The information that B. D. McKay himself preserved and which he got from his mother about the McKay/Warner side of the family tree
  2. Research by a relative on the Baker/Boatwright side (the person is the "Nancy" above the world FAMILY).
  3. Gene McKay's research into the Scottish origins of the McKay clan and its migration to South Carolina.

No one had drawn a proper family tree on paper, so I did that, aggregating all the known data. 

The big tree is available as:

This tree is useful, because it helps place B. D. into his larger context, including both in his family and geographically. The real reason why this tree appears here is that, while a whole web site could be made of the family photos and data from the collection, I don't have time to do that: The tree itself is not complete, and should be taken as nothing more than a hasty first approximation.

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